5 Effective Marketing Tips to Attract Members into a co Working Space

Co Working Space
Rich Social Media Strategy

Co working spaces are ideal opportunities for startups and freelance businesses to grow. It represents the new facet of work where exists immense opportunities for growth and development of any kind of business. Because of this, co working space attracts a variety of talents from around in the form of emerging entrepreneurs to professionals and interns.

For a co working space to really succeed, it should always follow the right marketing strategies. This will ensure that the right kind of talent is attracted into the workspace, thus ensuring that they have sufficient members to get going smoothly. The following are five effective marketing tips to attract members into a co working space.

Set up a Good Website

A good quality website is downright essential for attracting more members into a co working space. The website must bear a professional layout and should clearly state the objectives of the co working space. The website must include the relevant information such as contact details, newsletter, blog posts, and other important categories. Ensure that the website is properly optimized for ranking better in result pages. Moreover, using ad platforms such as Google AdSense will aid in advertising the site on other websites, thus helping to generate more traffic.

Include a Rich Social Media Strategy

The other foremost requirement for attracting members into a co working space is to leverage the existing social media platforms. This can create direct engagement with the members that help in attracting the right kind of talent. Using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will help in promoting and creating pages that will help surely gather increased user traffic. Using other platforms like Instagram will also assist in highlighting the co working space to potential members.

Offer Membership Incentives

Shared Work Space
Collaborating With Local Businesses

Offering the employees with perks and incentives will increase the chances of attracting more members into a co working space. Including member referral programs will aid members to bring in more members with the token of a discounted rent or fees. Inviting non-members to work in the co working space for once in a month can also help in increasing the chances of attracting more talent.

Understand the Current Members

Besides taking in new members, a co working space must ensure that the existing workforce remains content with their work. This involves getting into a detailed knowledge about the characteristics of the members in a co working space. The personalities, goals, and individual preferences of the members should be taken care. Conducting workshops, conferences, and other events can help the members improve their performances.

Collaborating with Local Businesses

Yet another effective marketing strategy for attracting members into a co working space is by starting collaborations with various local businesses. This involves not only the things related to work but for the entertainment factor as well. Using coffee from a specific local coffee brand and relying on a restaurant for catering are some of this.

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