5 Event Ideas for Shared Office Spaces

Shared Workspace
Daily Standup Meetings

The concept of co-working has been adopted by many people, because of its flexibility and the opportunity to collaborate and network. Shared working spaces are the best option for that and a wonderful experience if you have the right group of co-workers along with the best infrastructure and resources. You can make co-working experience for you as well as your colleagues even better by conducting certain events. Below are some event ideas that you can try in your shared workspace.

Daily Standup Meetings

Daily standup meetings are done for a quick status update. These standup meetings are common in technology-based companies and now they are being adopted by other companies too. You can conduct a meeting with a cup of tea and discuss the feedback of that day, which will help you and your co-workers to release the stress if any.

Monthly Classes

Conduct monthly classes to develop the skills and knowledge of the employees. There will be many fields, that you cannot cope up with such as marketing strategy, business accounting, public speaking, etc., and it will be different for different people. Furthermore, it is always better to get classes from a local expert or even someone from your own company.

Bounce Hours

Shared Office Space
Co-Working Space

This is the best event idea. Here, employees of the company will gather around every month and one of the employees will get a chance to bounce an idea for that month. You can choose that employee in many ways. For instance, you can take a ball and circulate it with music playing in the background and whoever holds the ball when the music stops can bounce the idea.

Food Trips

Arrange a weekly food trip. Explore different restaurants every week with your co-workers and get a chance to collaborate with your colleagues even better. This will strengthen your bond with your co-workers and will make the office atmosphere more pleasant.

Monthly Game Nights

Covert your co-working space into a game hub and open it for your employees, their families and even for other members of the community. Conduct this game night once a month and flare it up with some board games. Try to include the games that can be played by all members at your shared workspace.

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