5 Things to Include in a Co Working Space for Employee Satisfaction

Co Working Space
Design a Lounge Area

The concept of shared office space has become more and more prominent these days. It is being adopted by almost every business venture whether it is a startup looking forward to a foothold or a veteran business firm looking forward to expanding their business. Some of the major advantages of considering the co working space include low overhead, the flexibility of a short lease, existing IT infrastructure, and many more. However, there is no use of having an infinite number of benefits if you fail to keep your employees satisfied. Below are some of the best things that you can adapt to your co working space so that your employees are always happy and satisfied.

Avoid the Concept of Cubicles

The age of cubicle setups in the offices is long gone now. Today, most people desire to work in teams being completely transparent for better efficiency and productivity. There is no need to limit yourselves by creating a fence around you. It is always refreshing to have a walk and chat with your colleagues for a couple of minutes to reduce the work pressure.

Make a Transparent Room for CEO

Shared Office Space
Private Zones for Phone Calls

Most of the employees in the office will be facing the wall only, and will not have the total view of the office. So, make sure to create a visible room for the CEO or MD of your company so that they can keep an eye on the employees as well as the work progress. Additionally, the sight and ambiance of a completely transparent office are sure to reduce the work stress.

Design a Lounge Area

Another important thing that is indispensable in a shared office space is a lounge or recreation area. Try to blend this area with a classy reception space so as to make it look appealing and also to highlight the high-class facility. A good and serene ambiance is essential for a lounge area so that your clients or visitors can wait here comfortably, even for a long time.


A pantry is one of the major things that you must include in the co working space where your employees can flock to boost up their energy whenever they feel exhausted. Even if you cannot offer the facility of a complete kitchen, make sure to provide coffee machines and water coolers as well in your shared office space.

Private Zones for Phone Calls

One of the main downsides of a shared office space where all the employees are working in a single room is the lack of privacy. There will be many cases when you have to make calls; be it confidential or personal. So, try to design a private zone in your office where you can make important calls without any interruption from others.

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