5 Tips For Authentic Networking In A Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space
Strike Up Conversations

Working in a co working space is certainly an excellent chance for each one of us to grow out of our comfort zone and accomplish our dreams and goals. One of the greatest advantages of shared office space is undoubtedly the number of opportunities it offers to the users. However, many employees who are currently working in a shared office space often wonder, “How can I network authentically at a co working space?”

If you feel the same, the first and most important thing to do is to be original, authentic, genuine, and honest. In addition to that, follow the below-listed steps to authentically network at a shared office space.

Strike Up Conversations

Every one of us often experiences a bit of hesitance to start a conversation with strangers, which is perfectly normal. However, doing this in a co working space will not help you. So, try to strike up a conversation with other workers in the co working space. Start with a nod or smile and slowly move on to “hello” or “hi” to break the ice.

Share Your Knowledge

Sharing your expertise and knowledge with other members at the shared office space will bring tons of benefits to you and to the whole working space. For instance, it will encourage other employees in the co working space to share their knowledge and expertise with you, which will help you gain more knowledge.

Help Others Connect

If any of the members in your co working space is finding it difficult to adapt to the environment or if they are not able to connect with anyone else, step up and extend your help to the person. This will make you seem like a compassionate and kind person to others.

Share Your Marketing Collaterals

Co Working Space
Help Others Connect

Networking by offering the marketing collaterals of your company, such as pens, mugs, file cover, coaster, and paper pads, to others works almost every time. Make sure to start a conversation with them when you are doing this and try to get to know the person.


You will not be able to increase your networking skills unless you start socializing. If your share office space conducts social events or any other programs, do attend them. On the other hand, if your co working space does not organize social events, then try to host a small informal gathering.

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