A Detailed Comparison of Shared Office Spaces and Co-Working Spaces

Shared Office Space In Chennai For Rent
Co-Working Spaces

In the modern world, people prefer to work in a flexible environment rather than the traditional 09:00 am to 05:00 pm shift. Hence, most of the working people favor to opt for the concept of shared office spaces and co-working spaces as an alternative. These will make it easier for them to get their tasks done as well as they can work with like-minded people.

Yet, some people are still confused about both these modern concepts, especially regarding which is the best option to achieve their objective. Some people even have a misconception that both the ideas of shared office space and co-working are the same. In order to clear out all such confusions, it is better to go through a detailed comparison between both these options. This will surely help you to take right decisions regarding your career as well as the future.

What is a Shared Office Space?

The idea of shared office space is a great option to trim down your commercial real estate expenses. Plus, it plays a key role in eliminating expenses such as the necessity of hiring extra staffs, space build-outs, etc. In this case, you and your team members are actually sharing an office space with another team that may or may not be related to your business background. So, you can go for this option irrespective of whether you are running a startup business or you have an established business empire.

Besides, you can employ your own receptionist and technology team for your business when it comes to shared office space. Hence, you will not have to worry about your privacy or confidentiality. In short, a shared office space is perfect to cater all the traditional office amenities and services with less expense. Many real estate owners are offering their shared office space in Chennai for rent as well.

What is a Co-Working Space?

Co-working spaces are gaining popularity, mainly amongst the millennial workers. It can be referred to as the ‘no frills’ version of shared office space. A recent study in this regard revealed that there are around 15,500 co-working spaces functioning all around the world, and the number is expected to rise with every passing year. In fact, the rise in the number of co-working spaces in Chennai will solidify this statement.

In this case, people from different work backgrounds tend to share the same office and such environments will be usually very energetic and lively. This is a great option for people who are planning to start up a business or for those who opt to work from home. However, you may find such collaborative working spaces noisy and distracting at times. Still, the advantages and opportunities offered by a co-working space can outweigh such downsides.

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