Best Ways to Tackle the Annoying Habits of Co Workers

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Tackling Annoying Habits

Co workers often need a positive environment to work to bring forth the best of their abilities in teams. There are different set of personalities in a shared office space from community managers to freelancers. Last thing a co working space would want is to lose productivity and the best thing co workers can do is follow corporate etiquette. Below are some annoying traits that shared office spaces encounter once in a while and the ideal ways to address them.

Smoking during Office Hours

Some people would say that if all smokers quit smoking, the office would be a harmonious place to work. While convincing people to quit smoking may not be practical in each hierarchy, there are ways to reduce the trait in a co working space. One way is to establish designated zones for smoking at office, although the best-case scenario is to generate awareness and influence people to smoke outside the office premises off the hours.

Eating Food at the Work Desk

If you pay respect to your co workers and care for etiquettes, you should abstain from eating snacks and fast food at the office desk. That is one of the reasons, why corporate offices have break rooms and cafeterias in alternative floors; why not adopt the same in a shared office space. Not only would that save the bane of cleaning but also bring communities together to share pleasantries and discuss work matters.

Wearing Funky Outfits

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Quiet Phone Voice

While wearing something like newfound sneakers is not all that bad a way to be cool at office, going beyond a level like wearing college trousers would prove to be somewhat odd. Wearing a uniform dress code is professional but semi formals can also be presentable attire in shared office spaces. Not only that would bring forth a personal hygiene, it is also sign of respect shown to the co workers.

Using Loud Ringtones

Once, it used to be the loud sound of printers that created a stress in an open office, but now that is overtaken by personal devices. Corporate etiquettes abide by keeping the phones on silent mode and co working spaces should embrace the trait as well for a stress free environment. If you keep the phone ringtone loud, you run the risk of wavering others’ attention and diverting them from a given task. Be considerate and modest; if you feel fidgety try texting.

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