Do’s and Don’ts of Working in a Shared Office Space

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No one can deny the fact that co-working spaces are a breath of fresh air for freelancers and other professionals who are bored with working from their homes. In addition to that, it also allows you to boost your creativity, save huge sums of money, and to get connected with like-minded professionals. However, it is true that you will need to follow a specific set of rules when you are sharing your office space with other professionals.

If you fail to do this right, then you might invade their privacy, create arguments, and tension within the shared office space. So, here is a simple guide of do’s and don’ts that will help you to avoid such kind of hassles and to make the most of the co-working space.


#1 Maintain Silence

Being considerate will help you to make lots of friends inside the co-working space, which will certainly assist you to build better business connections. Therefore, if you are a person who receives calls every 10 minutes or so, then make sure to keep your phone on silent mode and take private calls only from the outside. However, if other members in the co-working space are talking loudly on the phone, politely request them to keep their voice down.

#2 Practice Communications

One of the biggest advantages of working in a shared office space is undoubtedly its collaborative environment. The interaction between likeminded workers will encourage you to work harder, which will in turn help you to earn a strong reputation. Moreover, if you are stuck with any kind of work-related issues, the members within the shared office space will be more than ready to help you.


#1 Skip Organizing

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You can be messy and fill your desk with lots of papers and other files while you are at your home, but try not to do this while you are in a shared working space. This will create a bad impression among other workers inside the workspace and they may even assume that you pay little or zero attention to your work.

#2 Being Talkative

When you move from your home office to a co-working space, you will feel the need to connect with other members inside the office. There is nothing wrong with that but try not to talk too much and keep social talks to a minimum. You can spend an hour or two to discuss about your favorite TV shows or movies but make sure that you are not disturbing anyone.

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