Etiquettes you Need to Follow in a Shared Work Space

Shared Work Space
Never Hog Shared Equipments

The trend of co working continues to grow across the world, propelled by the changes in the job market and the advancements of the latest technologies. When working in a shared office space or a co working space, you will be able to have a friendly atmosphere by being considerate to the other workers in the office. It is a great idea to have a courteous shared work space etiquette in place that is acceptable to all people working in the place. The co working space etiquette tips shared below will help you have a friendly atmosphere in the office.

Have a Quiet Phone Voice

Keeping the place quiet so as not to disturb the other employees is one of the most important co working space etiquette. If you find that the person on the other end of the line is finding hard to hear you, it will be a better to find a different time to call or you can go to some other part of the building where your sound will not disturb others.

Do not Overstay in Conference Rooms

One of the biggest advantages of a shared work space is the access to conference rooms where you can discuss with team members, hold client meetings, or rest without any interruptions. However, it can be a nuisance to others if you overstay in the room. You might have a time allotted for the conference room, and when you know that the time is up, it will be better to vacate the place so that others will not have to wait for the place to be free.

Never Hog Shared Equipments

Shared Work Space
Quiet Phone Voice

Another advantage of shared work space is the access to shared office amenities like scanners, printers, entertainment devices, or even exercise equipment. You need to understand that all these equipment are shared. If you have a load of pages to print, it will be good to let other know about it beforehand. If there is someone who need to print a few pages, you can let them print first.

Apart from the above three practices, make sure that you always keep the cafeteria clean. The cafeteria space can be considered the heart of any shared office space. It is a communal place where all people in the office have meals or chat over a cup of coffee. Therefore, it is important for you to do your part to keep the place clean and tidy. In addition, make sure to place things back to where they belong.

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