What Exactly a Curated Co-Working Space Does to Businesses

Shared Work Space
Co-Working Space

Some newer terms are cropping up in the co-working industry from time to time. One such term that has driven a lot of attention of late is ‘curated’ shared office space. To put it simply, a curated co-working space is an evolution from what people recognize as co-working. The concept was about freelancers, small businesses and startups being able to share a bigger workspace to get out of a home office or coffee shop and take the venture to the new heights.

There are advantages to companies of different sizes in this kind of a setup. Medium and large offices can fill the extra or spare desks to maximize potential profits by reducing overhead costs. On the other hand, smaller firms may be able to collaborate with other companies to share the office space in a perfect location where they might not actually be able to afford one on their own. Similarly, individual business owners get the benefits of a shared work space, encircled by the buzz of people while being away from any external distractions, at a fraction of cost of renting a full office space.

Collaborative Working

Curated co-working spaces take the premise to another level by putting together like-minded business people in similar segments to maximize opportunities for collaboration and creativity. This goal to cultivate a diverse set of skills in a segment or related fields across an array of segments reflects on the present shift all businesses and workers are facing. Now, there is more demand for professionals to know more than their job, expanding their soft skills and breadth of knowledge, letting them understand and do a broader set of tasks than just those related to their job.

A Win-Win Strategy

This approach to shared work space comes with a set of benefits for all types of companies. Small firms can afford the office space in prestigious areas while accessing advanced tech infrastructure and finding other companies to work together on larger projects. Meantime, bigger companies have access to a set of specialist firms with whom they are able to turn for any info and guidance on a domain, which might be beyond their key capabilities. For instance, a graphic designing firm may look to a programmer or developer when creating a website to make sure their designs are beautiful, functional, and attainable, while taking advantage of modern tech capabilities.

To conclude, curated co-working spaces put together like-minded individuals and businesses where they can build a strong relationship, share the office space, and most significantly, have the potential to pass info to one another and team up on projects.

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