Factors to Consider While Setting up Wi-Fi in a Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space
Easily Accessing Internet

One of the basic amenities of a shared office space is internet connectivity. Making it available throughout the workspace is crucial for the employees to access it at any time. A Wi-Fi network instead of Ethernet is a better option as it can provide internet access via any digital device within the office space. This will enable the employees in easily accessing the internet within the premises of the office without the need for wired connections.

Therefore, setting up a Wi-Fi network is highly necessary for shared work spaces. However, there are several factors to consider while setting up a Wi-Fi network. They must be clearly addressed in regards to the office space and its capacity. This will aid in creating a Wi-Fi network that can accommodate several devices at a time without any congestions. Below are three factors to consider while setting up Wi-Fi in a shared office space.

Connection Speed

The speed of the connection is a crucial factor to consider while choosing an internet provider. Due to the heavy usage of internet among employees and the need for quick data transfers, it is important that the internet speed is good. Usually, optical fiber connection is preferred for shared work spaces as they offer large bandwidth and data speeds. Other services like the broadband internet can also be considered with the provider if it meets the requirements of the office space.

Support for Multiple Connections

Shared Work Space
Support For Multiple Connections

The other important element to consider while setting up Wi-Fi is to understand whether the network supports multiple connections. This must be inquired right before subscribing to an internet provider. When selecting an internet offer, the support for multiple connections must be clearly enquired as a shared office space consists of a minimum of 5 to 10 employees. This will help create a Wi-Fi connection that can support multiple devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Network Reach

The reach of a Wi-Fi network is also important while setting it up in a co working space. Because most of the shared work spaces can be large and extend to other floors, it is vital that the Wi-Fi network can reach these spots. The network reach is particularly important in places like meeting rooms and other open spaces. When setting up the network, the reach should be evaluated in different locations inside the co working space. This will help in opting for the right equipment in order to extend the reach of the Wi-Fi network properly.

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