How to Tackle Uncomfortable Situations in a Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space
Co-Working Space

The idea of shared office space or shared work space has evolved in the last few years. Co-working spaces are ideal for almost any company, whether a small start up looking to land major business, or a steadily established enterprise. There are numerous advantages associated with shared office space such as low investment, better productivity, existing IT infrastructure, superior networking opportunities, and many more.

Working in a shared work space can also be tough at times for employees, and there will be many situations where you have to make tough calls. However, using certain tricks, you can easily overcome most such uncomfortable situations in your shared office space. Some of those situations and the ideas to deal with them are given below.

The Noise of your Colleagues is Driving you Crazy

In shared office spaces, employees’ desks would normally be packed close. Everyone makes at least the tiniest sounds while they work, and your coworkers could end up disturbing you if they’re too loud. If you react badly it may spoil the work atmosphere, so just ask them politely to dial it down. Take care not to come across as confrontational, and tell him or her that the others might have a problem with the noises as well.

Shared Work Space
Superior Networking Opportunities

A High-Stress Boss

It is natural for superiors in offices to be intimidating and loud at times. This overwhelms most people, who tend to avoid them as much as possible. You can handle the situation more gracefully by communicating with them frequently on work-related topics. You can also tell him your honest opinion regarding his behavior, without overstepping though.

You are Interrupted Every Time you Speak

In a shared work space, it is highly likely to get interrupted by others, especially during the meetings. This is either because of a friendly culture at the office, or the deplorable fact that some feel your suggestions and points are not worth listening to. The best thing you can do to change this attitude in your colleagues is to make yourselves listenable and persuasive. For this, you will have to analyze your speaking as well as work skills. Additionally, try communicating in a soft voice, but with confidence.

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