Key Elements to Include When Designing a New Co Working Space

Shared Office Space
Designing Co Working Space

Co working spaces are flourishing across the globe and many new as well as established companies are adopting the trend. Most employers view it as a novel way to work, that will instill a sense of collective belonging and collaboration among the employers. This will bring about greater productivity and fulfillment in work, which is right what employers and businesses around the world are looking for. Therefore, the demand for shared word space is high these days.

However, it is worth mentioning that the workspace needs to have certain characteristics in the design that distinguishes it from a normal office space. These elements need to be incorporated right into the design and building of a shared office space. The following are some of the key elements to include in designing a new co working space.

Communal Spaces

While designing a co working space, the other major requirement is to instill a sense of communal and collaborative atmosphere. Positioning the snacks bar or coffee machines at the center of the office space is a great way to foster more encounters and meet-ups among the members. There are also many possibilities in designing such spaces since it can accommodate any suitable themes offering relaxation while encouraging collaboration and productivity. In addition, opt for a design that offers both interaction and privacy in the main work areas.

A Flexible Space

Shared Office Space
Mood And Atmosphere

A primary requirement in designing a co working space is to allocate flexibility and expanding features. This is highly important as the number of members can grow inside a co working space and there must be sufficient space to accommodate all of them. Including flexible customizable spaces such as by including retractable walls, stackable tables and chairs allow for accommodating more members, while also paving spaces for conducting any kinds of events. Flexibility in the spaces also involves providing all amenities at reach such as power outlets.

Mood and Atmosphere

Yet another important element to invest while designing a co working space is to offer the right mood and atmosphere. Mood involves using the right kind of lighting. Ideally, if the shared office space is located in a direction facing ample light, it is best to put glass facades that run from top to bottom on the sides and the ceilings to let in maximum natural light. Moreover, considering proper heating and cooling apparatus can also help the employees stay comfortable inside without hindering their productivity.

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