Manager’s Guide to Shared Office Spaces

Shared Office Space In Chennai For Rent
Creating Welcoming Atmosphere

An office manager should cut down the barriers to productivity, promote office culture, streamline the administrative tasks, and make the life of everyone inside the office easier. However, managing a physical space is not an easy task, let alone keeping everyone happy. One of the most difficult tasks placed on the shoulders of office managers is to manage any guest companies or tenants inside a shared work space. The below points would help office managers impress their team while working in a shared office space to squeeze out more from the team.

Finding if Shared Office is Right for your Team

The responsibilities of office managers include helping the business save on overhead costs like rents by finding ways to offset the costs. Setting the business to rent the unused space and desks in the office is a great way to get some extra money for the space that your business is already paying for. However, before jumping in, it will be a great idea to understand the requirements and work habits of your business.

You can observe your employees to find the areas that are used heavily and the areas that sits empty. In addition, you need to ensure that you office has areas for collaboration and meeting as well as individual work. You can make use of all the information collected to find if your office has the required space to make guest companies feel comfortable without disturbing the work of your team.

Making the Guest Company Feel at Home

Shared Work Space
Shared Office Environment

Creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere is the next thing to do. You will have to ensure that the guest company gets the most out of the shared office space. You may introduce the members of the new guest company to your team and walk them around to meet everyone in your team. The sooner the members of the guest company meet your team, the quicker they will feel integrated into the shared office environment. This is very much important to have a positive office sharing between the businesses.

You may also encourage the guest team to personalize their workspace in order to make it more comfortable and functional for them. It will be a great idea to make the guest company share their logo alongside the logo of your business.

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