Artisans Lab

Property Details

Workspace Address : 3rd Floor, 78/103, Dr.RadhaKrishnan Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600004

Workspace City : Chennai

Workspace Area :

Workspace Type : Coworking space


At Artisans Lab we’re all about the creative process. We understand the need for an inspiring
environment to really get your creative juices flowing. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect
setup that caters to the right side of your noggin’. You’ll find unusual seating arrangements in a huge, open space. It might shock you at first but if you put on your creative goggles, you’re sure to find order in the chaos.

The distinctive floorplan has been carefully chosen to invite openness yet offer security in the
company of like-minded individuals. Our primary aim is to create a collaborative atmosphere where entrepreneurs make moves that uplift the whole community.
But what we do care about is fast WiFi and hot coffee. We’re guessing you do too. Which is why we have a whole host of offerings like unlimited WiFi, a conference room, separate section for painters and comfortable seating for all manner of freelancers.

Our membership starts from INR 350/day and INR 6500/month, We customise our plans for startups and teams.

Contact Details

Name : Abdul Rahman Farooqui

Contact Number : 9962393360

Email :