Cobalt BLR

Property Details

Workspace Address : 46/1, 5th Floor, Church Street, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Opposite Hotel Empire, Bengaluru Ashok Nagar Bangalore

Workspace City : Bangalore

Workspace Area :

Workspace Type : Shared Office


Cobalt BLR is a flexible meeting & co-working space that puts serendipity @ work! calls itself a business shelter.
We understand that an ideal workspace is not just a desk and a chair. It is about brainstorming and meeting new people as much as it is about putting in the quiet solitary hours with laser-like focus. It is about being able to look upon a vibrant street for a change of scenery while still enjoying the calm of your office.

At Cobalt BLR you won’t have to sweat the small details, we do that for you.
Whether you’re a business or an independent professional, we can support you in the way you work best.

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Contact Number : 080 6569 1530

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