Shared Office Spaces for Startups

Shared Office Space
Office Spaces for Startups

Since the introduction of LPG policies in the year 1990, the promotion of opportunities for doing business in our country has increased at a drastic rate. A startup is an enterprenenerial venture which helps in the commencement of new business with available subsidies and outstanding ideas. The initial establishment costs of any startup should be covered through different means such as loans, government funding, and so on. However, there are several ways to reduce establishment costs, and the best of these is the sharing of office spaces. This post delves into the importance of shared office space options among new startups.

Like every idea has its merits and demerits, sharing office spaces for new business firms is a concept with its own pros and cons. The first and foremost advantage is the reduction and control of cost. The initial establishment charges, and the cost to set up a new physical structure for the company, can be reduced by restricting the scale of operations. The costs, such as purchase of land, construction of a new building, and so on, would fall under rent. Shared infrastructural facilities among offices can bring coordination, especially if employees are provided with common facilities such as canteen and recreation.

Shared office space settings ensure flexibility, as well as and customization of the spaces by providers. Nearness to facilities could be ensured, as could optimization of available resources. Every startup carries hope for a future with a new way of life – one that veers from the culture of working under an employer for a fixed salary. Promoting the entrepreneurship culture automatically reduces unemployment rates. The idea of sharing of office spaces attracts new entrepreneurs who lack the resources necessary to materialize their business idea. Indirectly, it also promotes the growth of entrepreneurship in the country, and automatically leads to a raised national income.

While analyzing the past and present climate trends in our country, one is bound to notice the cycle of harsh monsoons and a hot sun, caused by the alarming rate at which our natural resources are being exploited. Sharing of office spaces is one of the solutions which delay this in some small measure.

It is evident sharing office spaces brings a lot of benefits, which is why this idea should be promoted, and awareness of it spread to aspiring entrepreneurs. Hopefully, the present generation can come to acknowledge the wisdom in it, and use it to take us into a better future.

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